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About Artist

HelloWorld!  Welcome to my blog page.  I've set up this blogsite to network with old friends, other jewelry artists and new acquaintances.  First; let me introduce myself: my name is Liz.  I'm located in the Midwestern U.S. in a suburb of  Chicago better known as "Chi-town". It  has one the most beautiful skylines in the U.S. and there is always plenty to do!  If you've never visited, please do.
  I started drawing pictures of  jewelry that I dreamed of in 1998, but didn't start designing until 2001.  I acquired a broken ankle at that time, lost my job, so I pulled out my designs and began to work them.  Before I graduated from Debbie's School of Beauty Culture, I always loved art.   I became a Make-up Artist and Line manager for Fashion Fair cosmetics in a Marshall Fields store.  As I look back, it is apparently clear my love for beauty was started when I was very young, untangling my Mom's jewelry and loving it!  The blessing is in realizing we all h…