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Every Knee.........


I pray this post will find you full of Joy, Peace and the Love of God....
Just a few lines of Encouragement, and yes I'm encouraging myself as I'm writing:
No matter what we go through, we must remember to- press,
No matter what the enemy is saying, we must press,
No matter what we may feel or see-press,
Even when we have prayed and prayed and the answer hasn't seem to come yet-press,
Even when there is no one to talk to-press,
Even when the enemy tells us, no one cares you may as well give up-press,
Even when the enemy says you're not worthy and reminds you of all your mistakes-press
Even when you feel like I can't take anymore! Still press....for you see, there is a Blessing in pressing.....that's why we have the Word of God and we must know the Word and study it for these seasons shall come...
1)Whatever we go through-God said He would never leave us or forsake us Heb. 13:5-6 and we know He cannot lie Num.23:19
2 We should not listen to what the enemy say…