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Wisdom.....I Need It!

Hi Everyone,
I should have been in the bed, (I have to work in the morning) but I just had to write this before I lay down. This was my Scripture reading for this morning, it blessed me so, I pray it does the same for you!

Proverbs 21:21-23
He who pursues righteousness and kindness
finds life,
and honor.
A wise man can go up into a city of warriors
and undermine
the strength in
which it trusts.
Whoever guards his mouth and tongue
keeps himself
out of trouble.
I actually read the whole chapter, but these 3 passages impacted me the most today, will continue in
Proverbs, for awhile, I need all God's Wisdom that I can get-Bless you All....and have a Blessed Day!
CBJ-Complete Jewish Bible
As Always-Stay Encouraged, no matter what!
Love you-LLove is a terrific website for Bible study, has all versions of the Bible, read as much as you want plus audio in case you want to listen as you sleep, drive,etc.