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The Regenerated Soul

Hello Everyone,

I've missed writing on my blog, I miss hearing from you, but I have still been writing.  I pray this little excerpt will find you knowing you were already Called,  Enpowered to Prosper,  to have a Divine Life and even more through Our Lord Jesus Christ-Yeshua!  Eph. 1:17-23 and Eph.3:16-21  I think these scriptures explain  this very well-please read the whole chapters so you know where Paul is coming from, that our eyes may be Enlightened.  If we have a relationship with God through Jesus,  The Holy Spirit sheds light on The Word for us-Illuminates God's Word in us and we begin to really see!
Here is a small excerpt from my book:
"Regenerated: To subject to spiritual renewal, converted, restored, to reform completely, to give new life to,  revive,  formed or created again,  re-establish,  to bring into existence again.

As we live our lives from day to day,  we should at some point,  gain insight and wisdom.  I believe a lot of what we learn is from what we…