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Hi there,
It's Saturday, chilly but absolutely Beautiful outside! Sun is shining brightly, trees are glistening with sunlight and they're displaying extraordinary shades of reds, gold's, yellow and, browns. I love this time of year, the Earth is transitioning from Fall to Winter where I live and I am transitioning also.
I don't know if I'll ever stop, we are constantly shifting, changing spiritually and naturally. Hopefully we're getting better and better, forgiving ourselves for past mistakes and present and also extending
that to others. Most important, I'm learning how to be FREE through God's love, it's a wonderful magnificent thing!!! When we experience Real Love, it removes every weight and pressure that we've placed on ourselves and others have placed on us, it causes us to enter into His 'rest.' I spoke on it in my last post yesterday.
1st. Corinthians 13:1-8 talks about the God kind of love, we can learn to love like this-Only thr…

The Regenerated Soul Pt. 2-PEACE...

Hi out there,                                                                                             November 8, 2013

I was just wondering, and you may be too-what the heck took me sooo long to write the 2nd excerpt from The Regenerated soul????? I got caught up y'all, in work, transition, family and other things. I apologize for taking so very long- Please Forgive me...It will be a year in 2 days. Anyway to pick-up where I left off I ended with "Sooner or later we discover that what we're looking for is just not tangible.  It is not in things, money, people or places, etc. it is Only found in 1 place....and that is in Jesus! Only in Him can I find TRUE Peace-maybe you know this already-that He is The Prince of Peace!!!
Close your eyes -imagine sitting by a body of water in the Summertime- no one is there but you, listen to the sound of the water for a moment, it has a rhythm- a natural flow. Now {feel} the sun shining on your face, how do you feel? Has your heartbeat …

Sharing A Few Tidbits

Hello Everyone, For those of you who don't know: You are Deeply loved and so Extraordinary! I've learned a little-just wanted to share a bit:  Love: Real Love paid an Astronomical Price, that none of us could've ever paid...   I cannot make it in this life without A Savior, I tried it for a long time but finally got it!   When I surrendered,  invited Him into my heart, that's when my Whole world began to    change....   I'm realizing how valuable I am to Him, what Real Love is, and how lost I was without   Him...   Real love set us Free from bondage: Our ideals about ourselves, other people's ideals and    opinions of who we are or should be, because all competition seized-when I discovered   Real love...   We are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, we are so Unique in the way      God created us....   We all have "intrinsic value"   God gave us our own personality, gifts, fingerprints and so much more...   He knows things about us we …