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The Regenerated Soul

Hello Everyone,

I've missed writing on my blog, I miss hearing from you, but I have still been writing.  I pray this little excerpt will find you knowing you were already Called,  Enpowered to Prosper,  to have a Divine Life and even more through Our Lord Jesus Christ-Yeshua!  Eph. 1:17-23 and Eph.3:16-21  I think these scriptures explain  this very well-please read the whole chapters so you know where Paul is coming from, that our eyes may be Enlightened.  If we have a relationship with God through Jesus,  The Holy Spirit sheds light on The Word for us-Illuminates God's Word in us and we begin to really see!
Here is a small excerpt from my book:
"Regenerated: To subject to spiritual renewal, converted, restored, to reform completely, to give new life to,  revive,  formed or created again,  re-establish,  to bring into existence again.

As we live our lives from day to day,  we should at some point,  gain insight and wisdom.  I believe a lot of what we learn is from what we've been taught growing up,  our own perception-decisions we make based on our perceptions and life experiences.  Based on these alone, we are usually damaged.
We often look for approval in people, in places-say our jobs, titles we hold in the community, in churches, money, the things money can buy, etc.  Sooner or later we discover that what we're looking  for is just not tangible.  It is not in things, money, people, or places, etc. it is Only found in 1 place...

May you experience the Love & Grace of God,  your Purpose,  and your ultimate
Election be fulfilled in Your Lifetime, in Jesus Name-it is so!

2nd excerpt coming soon...
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