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Letting Go Of Grudges

Hi Everyone-It's been a long time, I hope everyone is fine and continuing successfully on your journey in Life!
I ran across a piece of good stuff, thought someone else may benefit from it too. It's an exert from a book: " Holding on to anger and grudges steals energy from your life. Every time you complain, to others or to yourself, about what someone has done or left undone, we make the wrong worse. No matter what the other person has done, letting go of grudges makes life simpler for you.
  Ask God to help you forgive others as He has forgiven you.  Choose to focus on more positive thoughts by being thankful for what's right in your life instead of rerunning old wrongs in your  mind.
You'll find you have more energy to enjoy life because your own negativity is no longer draining you. If you have been complaining about a wrong someone did to you, stop, instead of dwelling on it, choose to forgive that person and move on." Ephesians 4:32 CEV "Be kind and merciful, and forgive others just as God forgave you because of Christ."
Before I finished reading this, I got on my knees and asked God to forgive me for anyone I have held hostage in my heart in unforgiveness and released them into The Blessings of God, I went as far back as childhood and I got such a release. I've done this many times before, but for me I need times of refreshing because I live everyday in this world. Things can come in and set up residence in my heart that I don't know about. Jeremiah 17:9-10, read it if you want to. I know that I don't know my own heart, God does, I believe there are certain times and seasons I go through that I need a greater release. Just wanna say, I choose to Forgive and release people into Gods Blessings. The same Grace I want and need for my life is the same Grace I should also desire for others, we all need The Grace of God. Everyday I am faced with choices- I Choose to Worship, what about you?

God bless and keep you!
Love out

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