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The Regenerated Soul Pt. 2-PEACE...

Hi out there,                                                                                             November 8, 2013

I was just wondering, and you may be too-what the heck took me sooo long to write the 2nd excerpt from The Regenerated soul????? I got caught up y'all, in work, transition, family and other things. I apologize for taking so very long- Please Forgive me...It will be a year in 2 days. Anyway to pick-up where I left off I ended with "Sooner or later we discover that what we're looking for is just not tangible.  It is not in things, money, people or places, etc. it is Only found in 1 place....and that is in Jesus! Only in Him can I find TRUE Peace-maybe you know this already-that He is The Prince of Peace!!!
Close your eyes -imagine sitting by a body of water in the Summertime- no one is there but you, listen to the sound of the water for a moment, it has a rhythm- a natural flow. Now {feel} the sun shining on your face, how do you feel? Has your heartbeat slowed down? If you were worried about anything have you noticed it's gone? You have just "shifted" into peace-in a moment of time. Just that quickly, do you know we can actually live in Peace, a much greater Peace Everyday?
With God's Peace comes "rest" which means all your cares you've given over to Him-I am confidently trusting, relying, totally depending on You Lord, I will do all I can do Father, the rest is on You, I'm yours You knew Everything I would experience before I was in my mothers womb and I know that You've got me no matter what....I'm not trying to impress anyone- I'm just doing me-You equipped me with Everything I needed on this Journey of life. I may not "feel" like it, but it's not about that, it's about what I know about You. You cannot lie, You are Faithful, You will Never leave me, You're always glad to hear from me, Your line is never tied up when I call, You love me Totally and Completely, You watch over me while I sleep, You Protect me daily-It's Your breath that I breathe -I am Forever yours, in Jesus Name-it is so...

Good-night everyone-I pray that your sleep will be sweet and for an Encounter with My Father that will shift your life Forever!
Love you and stay encouraged...
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