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A New Beginning!

This has really been a busy week for me, you too? You know the Summer is just about to come to a end, the daylight hours are slowly ebbing away making the way for "A New Season." When I was very young, I use to dread Summer ending because school would be starting soon. That meant time for a major change, but since my younger days, I expect change now, I embrace it. We may as well accept it because it's coming regardless of how we want it or not. Change is good for the Soul and Spirit and can be good for our Body also. It's all about how I think, my own perception, how I view life. I'm learning to see life as a gift and not a burden. I have the power to speak life and death out of my own mouth according to what's in my Heart and Soul. Therefore my mind needs to be renewed daily in The Word of God so the right thing is coming out of my mouth instead of negativity. I do understand that this is a lifelong journey-changing how I think, but now I'm seeing my whole world change by what I speak. I'm learning how to speak the Word of God over my life and it's getting down in my heart changing what I see coming to pass in this Natural Realm. That's why I know we do frame our world by what's in our hearts. If you want to know what's in your heart, start listening to what comes out of your mouth. If it's not lining up with The Word of God, stop speaking it! If you haven't asked Jesus into your heart yet, what have you got to lose, we've all tried it our way right, did it work? Ask yourself honestly, and think about the life you'll gain just by making this one Vital step. I guarantee, you'll NEVER be the same and you'll experience a life worth living and never think about going back to what you had again! Don't knock salvation until you try it...
Well, I'm signing off, until we talk again-I love you and as always -Stay Encouraged-we've got a whole lot of good to look forward to in Christ-A New Beginning, daily!

L. Love
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