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I don't know about you, but this is one of my most favorite times of the year!  Not because of the shopping and advertisements, etc. but because what Christmas really means.  It is a time of Celebration,  Reflection,  Joy,  Peace,  Love and that true fact that Our Father loved us enough to send His Precious Son Jesus Christ to be born into this world to Save Us!  We were given the Most Precious Gift we could possibly ever recieve in all our lifetimes-Redemption! No one else would have been able to do it, only Jesus Our Lord and Savior...  for that I am truly thankful to God Daily.  New Mercies are given to us daily-because He knew we would need them. I am also thankful for Life, Love, Health, Peace, Joy, Family, Friendships etc.  All of these gifts I cannot go into any store in the world and purchase with money, they are freely given by a Loving and Worthy Father, that allowed His Son to be sacrificed for me and you. Don't get caught up in gifts,  christmas trees, lights, etc. but in this season reflect on the gifts that are more valuable than anything the world could ever offer. Be thankful for who you are and most of all "Whose you are"
We may not have all we want but let's reach out to someone else in need in this season and watch what God will do by simply giving.

Don't forget to enjoy family & friends in this season and Enjoy the Life we've been given!

Love you!
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