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Sharing A Few Tidbits

Hello Everyone,


For those of you who don't know: You are Deeply loved and so Extraordinary! I've learned a little-just wanted to share a bit:



  Love: Real Love paid an Astronomical Price, that none of us could've ever paid...


   I cannot make it in this life without A Savior, I tried it for a long time but finally got it!


   When I surrendered,  invited Him into my heart, that's when my Whole world began to



   I'm realizing how valuable I am to Him, what Real Love is, and how lost I was without



   Real love set us Free from bondage: Our ideals about ourselves, other people's ideals and

   opinions of who we are or should be, because all competition seized-when I discovered

   Real love...


   We are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, we are so Unique in the way  

   God created us....


   We all have "intrinsic value"


   God gave us our own personality, gifts, fingerprints and so much more...


   He knows things about us we haven't discovered yet.....


   He knows my whole heart, I don't, but I'm glad I'm always on His are you!


   His love took the cap off all my limitations....He'll do the same for you!


   His Love will never fail us....


   I've learned that love covers all sin and that we are accepted in The Beloved!


   In case you didn't know His Name, it's Jesus....He died on the Cross 2,000 years ago

   for us all.


   Are you in bondage?  Do you want to be free? The price has been paid, all you have to

   do is, call on His Name-Jesus and ask Him to come into your heart and forgive you for

   all your sins and Jesus will come in and you will discover what Real Love truly is....



   As always...Stay encouraged,




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