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Hi there,
It's Saturday, chilly but absolutely Beautiful outside! Sun is shining brightly, trees are glistening with sunlight and they're displaying extraordinary shades of reds, gold's, yellow and, browns. I love this time of year, the Earth is transitioning from Fall to Winter where I live and I am transitioning also.
I don't know if I'll ever stop, we are constantly shifting, changing spiritually and naturally. Hopefully we're getting better and better, forgiving ourselves for past mistakes and present and also extending
that to others. Most important, I'm learning how to be FREE through God's love, it's a wonderful magnificent thing!!! When we experience Real Love, it removes every weight and pressure that we've placed on ourselves and others have placed on us, it causes us to enter into His 'rest.' I spoke on it in my last post yesterday.
1st. Corinthians 13:1-8 talks about the God kind of love, we can learn to love like this-Only through a relationship with God through Jesus. When I look at myself and know how much Grace is extended to me on a daily basis-Whoa-I need to extend Grace to everybody! (smile).
I've got to get out in the sunshine today, I want to feel its warming rays flowing across my face.  For soon it will be Winter and the Sun's face will be hidden behind the clouds-for a short season.

Shalom and keep on loving!
Oh I almost forgot, Never put anyone in a situation that you yourself would never want to be in...
Love you

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