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For those of us who don't know who we are and for those of us who have forgotten, here's a reminder. The dictionary says validated means: approved, confirmed, justified, vindicated, endorsed, accepted, substantiated, authenticated, supported, authorized; The Word says in Romans8:30:"Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified."
(If you haven't, please read the whole chapter that you may be edified, gain further understanding of our identity)
predestined:  verb; past tense-of God, destine (someone) for a particular fate or purpose, determine (an outcome or course of events) in advance by Divine will or fate, preordained, ordained, predetermined, Merriam-Webster says: the doctrine that God in consequence of His foreknowledge of all events infallibly guides those who are destined for Salvation. called or callings: a strong urge toward a particular way of life or career, a vocation-profession, occupation, summons, career, work, employment, job, business or trade justified: declared or made righteous in the
sight of God. glorified: to give glory to (as in worship), to represent as glorious, to light up brilliantly, relating to or suggesting Heaven, extol, honor, praise, deify, magnify, splendor
so on that tip, You have been validated by God before you were born, You are fearfully and wonderfully made, Precious and highly favored, so greatly Loved by God, created in Love by Love with the greatest Love of all-Gods' Agape Love-Unconditional, you are royalty, but you have to know it, deep down on the inside of yourself-then your brilliancy will shine through  from the inside-out...Love, you have been accepted in the Beloved, Forever! God will never change His mind about you-He loves you soo very much. Outside of knowing this-we try to compare ourselves to others or prove our worth by things we acquire, to look like others, etc.....this is one of the biggest tricks of the enemy; not knowing our Indentity, puts us in a 'crisis mood.' When God created us there is not another duplicate, we are Unique. Our giftings are different too-you (we) have nothing to prove to anyone, just do you, Magnify God and He will show you and others your! Come on; the world is waiting for us to be unveiled...God will not give up on us, so why would we?

With Much love,
Always-L. Love

P.S. I would love to hear from you...
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