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First, I want to thank God that He has allowed us to see another year! I thank HIM for His Grace & Mercy that He so graciously bestowed on us up to this moment....just wanna talk about some things I learned last year and earlier....that I pray will help you:

I'm learning to repent swiftly and to forgive quickly; (so that I won't develop a root of bitterness, which is so much harder to get out)

That for every seed I sow (plant), there will be a harvest; (so I have to examine the seed before sowing it), example: Luke 6:37 reads: Do not judge [others self-righteously], and you will not be judged; do not condemn [others when you are guilty and unrepentant], and you will not be condemned [for your hypocrisy]; pardon [others when they truly repent and change] and you will be pardoned[when you truly repent and change]. AMP Version-(pls. study at least from v.20-37 if you haven't read whole chapter yet)

That when I am going through a really hard place, that if I keep on loving-through persecution, hatred, dissension, insults, exclusion, scorn, liable, strife, contention, etc. and not try to defend myself, I will always come out so much better...healed, stronger, more free than I'd ever been before in my Christian walk...

More to come...
Stay in Expectation for the most Blessed New Year we have ever seen before
Much Love and Stay Encouraged
L. Love
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