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Seed, Time and more....


Over half our year is up and we've planted lots of seeds by now, what type of seeds have you planted? That's a question I'm asking myself first and foremost...what harvest have we received so far? Our harvest shows us what seeds we've planted thus far...

As I look back and at the present moment, I've been a little more mindful of what I say and my thoughts. I've asked God for help and I can hear the Holy Spirit a little more clearer,  some growth is better than none at all, for this I am truly Grateful.

What about new goals, long term and short term? Have you started that new business? or
written that new book that God has been speaking to you about? Maybe God has been speaking to you about Ministry, starting your own or helping in Ministry at your current House of Worship, going back to school to get a degree in something you love to do? Whatever your calling is in life, give it all you've got and God will be with us, lead and guide us in all we do if we just ask: Matthew 7:7-12 AMP. Version

Some goals I had at the beginning of the year I am re-tweaking, (if there is such a  word)
readjusting and setting some new short term goals for myself, some short term goals I have not accomplished yet but still working on them. Regardless where you are right now, don't give up-keep working on them and do not listen to the Discourager, Greater is He that is in you (us) than he that is in the world...Shut the voice of the enemy down Immediately, put the Word of God and your Faith to work. Makes me think about Jesus in the wilderness, that's where Satan attacked Him, where he thought Jesus was at His weakest, but Jesus put the Word on Him ( He is the Word)! We also fight with the Word of God and the good fight of Faith...DAILY

So wherever we find ourselves at the moment remember to plant good seeds; words of encouragement, healing, wisdom, faith, good works, prophecy, love, joy, peace-fruit of the Spirit, knowledge, teaching, exhortation, discernment, etc. wherever and whenever the Holy Spirit leads you, do it.
In this also we should use wisdom, you must first be replenished daily, especially if you give out of your spirit often, when people are pulling at you daily-do not become burned out...we can become depleted before we notice it sometimes-so be aware, stay in Gods' face as much as you need to-The Holy Spirit will lead us if we let Him.

So I bid you goodnight or good morning-wherever you're at in this World, I pray that this last week in July and the coming months (August being the 8th month which means New Beginning, 7th month Completion & Perfection) I believe we are headed for the most Magnificent time in history we have ever experienced, being the Ecclesia), so please stay Encouraged, being very mindful of our thoughts and words and daily walking with the Holy Spirit in the fruit of the Spirit  Galatians 5:22-23 but the chapter is called (The Life of Freedom) check it out in case you haven't.

Hold on to God and seek Him as never before and Expect Him to show up for you... God keep you and I Love You! Be mindful of our seed before planting, for they are powerful...

Love out!
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