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Hi, it's been awhile since I wrote to you last. I hope everyone is fine, I do know that you are blessed and so am I! I haven't written for awlile because I was preparing for a Art Show at Governors State University Nov. 3rd and 4th. They have an Annual Artisans Showcase every year Spring & Summer, I am glad to say that I had a really good show. The set-up is optimized for Sellers, to all you Jewelry Artisans in and near the Chicago area, come out in Spring 2010 and show your wares, it's the New Arising of gifted Artisans, hope to see you there!
For you who haven't discovered your GOD given gifts yet, keep seeking Him and Jesus will show you every hidden gift in due season so keep the Faith,  God is about to show up tremendously in your life!

Designs by Love
Talk soon, I look forward to hearing your comments
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