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Living Life! Encouragement For The Soul!

Today is my birthday!!!! Yeah! You know we make plans sometimes to do thus and so but they don't always come out like we plan them. But you know even in that, we learn to let go and let God take control. He doesn't always let us know His total plan day by day for us, but we can bank on the fact whatever happens- it's working together for our good!  I'm not saying don't make plans- we need to plan ahead, BUT we need to make God the center of our plans, and we will see His Plan come into being for us.  You see, He can see much further than we can. Sometimes when our plans make a detour, God could be keeping us from a  plan of our enemy to destroy us.  Always remember the enemy's plan is to Steal, Kill and Destroy, but Jesus said He came that we might have Life and life more abundantly. ( The Zoe God kind of life, to the full until it overflows!) That's what I want, the life God ordained for me before the Earth was formed and we can have that life or God would have never said it!  So lift up your heads and tap into this Magnificent Life God has for us, we are learning to take the limits off of God and let Him have His Way. 
   Well as far as my birthday, I'm thankful to be here, alive, healthy and growing in my everyday walk with My Lord! Everyday is a New Discovery waiting to unfold to show its beauty as a butterfly goes through "transformation" we as well go through "Transformation" as we walk this walk. And it gets better and better, what we go through in Life makes us stronger, builds our Faith in God  and creates more "intimacy" (into me He sees) with The Father that He may get more Glory through us as broken and surrendered vessels of honor! So may God continue to show you new and wonderful gifts and talents He placed inside of you- so that you may discover your  " Intrinsic Value" God Bless you!
Until next time....Liz out!
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