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As Silver Is Refined...So are we (cont.)

So sorry it took me a month or so to get back to this post......I finally was able to post 2 wonderful renditions of how and why silver is refined.  I did discover in my finds that the 7 step purification process is: 1)to strain, 2) extract,  3)clarify,  4) fine,  5)pour down,  6)purge and 7)purify....   
Once this is done, the true beauty and brilliance of this precious metal can be appreciated. As I read this, it so reminds me of how we as God's vessels go through a "lifetime purification process" similar to that of fine silver.
Webster describes silver as: A soft white metallic element, sonorous, ductile, very malleable, and capable of a high degree of polish, Precious and costly (Noah Webster's NIV Dictionary) these are only a few of  Mr. Webster's definitions of silver.
Silver is refined at 1450 F, and was largely used for making vessels for The Sanctuary in the wilderness. Exo. 26:19-32, 27:17, Num. 7:13, 19, 10:2. Silver is mentioned in the Bible 314 times.
So as you read I think you may discover why silver is mentioned so many times in Scripture, and I see why I always have had a preference  for silver-Not knowing early on the true reason why....
I pray you will gain new understanding in your relationship with The Father as He is molding us into the Image of His Precious Son-Jesus!  I thank God for these post: Refiners Fire and Silver for the Silversmith, both post are linked on my blog! Please click on the 2 links below to read more
about The Refiners Fire, they contain some on-time revelation.....

As always-Stay Encouraged and in Expectation!
L. Love
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